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Original Morocco Tours Team in Morocco:



Our team is dynamic and well-experienced.
Our itineraries are quite unique and flexible Morocco Tours and day trips to the Great South of Morocco, visite of imperial cities and atlantic ocean. Our concern is to come up with an experience which is unforgettable. We seek to develop activities that are related to Tourism, which would offer job opportunities to the local people, creating alternative resources, new staff, locally we highly welcome the services of camelmen, proposing accomodation that are simple and comfortable(guest-houses) either in local Berber houses or nomadic tents.


Allow me to provide you with a short overview of ourselves and our philosophy of conducting our business: We are originated from Merzouga Desert, Berbers and our ancestors used to be nomads. We used to work as a Camelmen(camels guide) in Erg Chebbi sand dunefield for a long time, later as a driver/guide for a number of Travel agencies. We speak Arabic, French, English, Spanish and of course Berber which is our mother tongue. By virtue of this experience, we have decided to create our new Travel tour agency.


we have got the pleasure to make our history, costumes of the Berbers of the South of Morocco to be shared with you. Being around a fire, drinking a mint tea, we get to provide you with a meticulous insight of Morocco, its imperial cities and also the nomadic berber traditions.

Company Registration in Ouarzazate:                                 

Company Name: Original Morocco Tours 
Company Registration Number: 4678                                
Company Address: 2567 Tigmi eljadid, Ouarzazate.


Our guides and drivers are friendly, natives of Morocco and are proficient in navigating both the city and the sahara desert. They are well versed in the local culture and traditions and speak Arabic, Berber, French, Spanish and English. If you looking for different language please emails us for other possibilities.


Why you Travel with Original Morocco Tours?


Join us for an enduring experience, with us we get to offer the best of Morocco. Travel in Morocco, you get to know the Berber and Arabic cultures. Please do not hesitate to contact us, we are all the time at your service.